TestWorks/Regression for
BENEFITS Manage large, complex tree-structured Test Suites to simplify regression testing.
KEY FEATURES Powerful capture playback and test management for Windows.
Powerful Test Suite Manager for Windows.
APPLICATIONS Regression testing of any-size application on Windows.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE +80 Points if > 75% PASS in the most-recent test suite execution.
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TestWorks/Regression provides the most complete solution for automating and managing the execution and verification of tests on both text and GUI-based applications running under MS Windows NT/2000/XP.

The TestWorks/Regression for Windows product line significantly increases test speed and accuracy, improving cycle time and quality, while allowing the re-use of tests on each release. A C-language interpreter allows all events and actions to be recorded as full C function procedures and provides full language support.

TestWorks/Regression for Windows includes two tools, CAPBAK/MSW and SMARTS/MSW:

CAPBAK/MSW is a capture/playback tool system which allows the user to capture mouse movements, keyboard activities, captured ASCII characters, captured bitmap images, and verification information, and record them into a test script language for later use. CAPBAK/MSW's multiple playback synchronization modes ensure reliable playback, allowing tests to be run unsupervised as often as required. To verify that tests have successfully played back, CAPBAK/MSW's CBVIEW utility displays test session captured images. Tests are further verified with the CBDIFF utility which differences baseline and response file images. The masking capability allows CBDIFF to ignore user-specified areas of image files during the differencing process.

SMARTS/MSW is a software maintenance and regression test system which organizes tests into a hierarchical structure. These tests can then be executed according to the structure and conditionally evaluated based on selected verification criteria. CAPBAK/MSW, a test capture/playback system, works as a stand-alone product or as part of Software Research's fully integrated TestWorks/Regression multi-platform suite of testing tools. CAPBAK/MSW records and plays back test sessions for applications running under MS Windows 2000/XP, comprehensively automating the testing process.

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The newest releases of CAPBAK/MSW Ver. 3.2 and SMARTS/MSW Version 2.6 for Windows NT/2000/XP feature advanced compiler-based source-language scanning technology, improved runtime support, and full GUI access to your test suite, to individual tests, and to all associated files.

FEATURES of SMARTS/MSW Ver. 2.6 and CAPBAK/MSW Ver. 3.2:

  • New standardized and easy-to-use automated product installation and de-installation.
  • Full Object Mode (OM) capable: Events and activity is captured in "C" at the object level.
  • Recording mode optimized to use OM when possible and to automatically resort to TrueTime (TT) mode when necessary.
  • OCR engine fully pre-trained on all of the relevant MSW typefonts.
  • Full Automatic Output Synchronization (AOS) in TrueTime Mode.
  • Simplified user-based licensing that also supports group, department-wide and/or site licenses.
  • Easy interfaces to handle large, multiple complex projects, without capacity limitations.
  • Expanded "C" internal function list and external support library.
  • VCR control model for capture and playback for ease of use.
  • Reliable TrueTime capture and playback with automatic output synchronization, OCR-based ASCII synchronization, and ASCII extraction.
  • Easy GUI and script-level interaction with SMARTS Ver. 2.6 for Windows NT/2000/XP.
  • Full "C" programmed test script to define the unlimited-size test trees.
  • Relational test tree, sub-tree, and test selection, plus multiple "go" modes for test execution.
  • Standard regression, PASS/FAIL reports built in.
  • Partial, full-window and full-screen capture modes.
  • Scripts can include DOS commands with a built-in DOS command line interface.
  • Improved and fully-indexed user documentation available both in hard copy and on-line versions.
  • Full integration of the OCR engine so that scripts can be based on extraction of ASCII characters from the screen.

    BENEFITS of TestWorks/Regression:

  • Automated capture/replay of realistic user session. OCR interpretation of saved screen images, tree-oriented test suite management and PASS/FAIL reporting.
  • Early detection of latent defects due to unexpected changes in application behavior and appearance.
  • Highly reliable, low overhead test execution and test suite management.
  • Early detection of errors for reduced error content in released products.
  • Easy interface to full coverage + regression quality process architecture.

    APPLICATIONS of TestWorks/Regression:

  • "Industrial strength" test suite applications which are very large (1000's of tests).
  • Test suites that need to extract ASCII information from screens (using the OCR capability).
  • Smooth integration with the companion TestWorks/Coverage product for C/C++ applications.
  • Modification analysis and re-testing in maintenance/upgrade modes.