Main Features and Characteristics

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This build of CAPBAK/MSW for Windows 98/NT/XP, Ver. 3.2 is intended to replace earlier Ver. 3.1 and Ver. 2.6 releases.

Main features of this release include:

Main features of this release does not include:

Recommended operation modes:

Special Note:

Capture and replay of activities by CAPBAK/MSW Ver. 3.2 is accomplished primarily through use of the WM_COMMAND() function. A design feature of CAPBAK/MSW Ver. 3.2 is to assure 100% object mode capture and replay for "normal" kinds of visible objects, such that 99% of applications will be recordable in ObjectMode. However, if an implementation uses other forms of manipulation then CAPBAK/MSW Ver. 3.2 will revert to capture and replay in the native TrueTime mode. The goal is to capture any test in a way that maximizes the success of playback without intervening modification of the keysave file.