The TestWorks Quality Process Architecture TM

TestWorks TM supports a multi-filter Quality Process Architecture TM for software development projects in in Java, C, C++ Ada and F77. TestWorks toolsuite elements are used for planning, automating and managing complex test suites, for test suite coverage analysis, for support of WWW site testing, and and for static, metrics (Java, C, C++, Ada, F77) and testfile creation support. The TestWorks product suite is organized as bundles of individual test products, each freestanding but all easily combinable in a multi-filter Quality Process Architecture.

The Tools You Need...

Experienced practitioners know that software testing is often very hard work! They understand that automation of function is the only viable alternative for virtually any software development team's QA group or IS shop's Quality Process Support Group. TestWorks' multiple bundles and multiple products ease the testers' burden by providing the Architecture to support a genuine Quality Process.

TestWorks tools are smoothly integrated and well-matched to each stage of the software test process. You can use TestWorks products to produce custom TestWare TM -- custom combinations of TestWorks products and functionality tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

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How to Estimate Your Process' Success...

A cornerstone of the Quality Process Architecture(tm) is the TestWorks Quality Index TM , a measure of how well TestWorks components are applied in your Quality Process Architecture. Even well-known process assessment methods such as CMM do not contain explicit provision for testing and quality processes. The TestWorks Index provides a way to choose sets of ``software quality filters'' that support various levels of process maturity and integrity.

Estimated/likely defect detection ratios indicated by TestWorks Index are a practical guideline to gauge your Quality Process Architecture. Typical TestWorks Index point values are given in all of the TestWorks product descriptions given below. Add up the individual point counts, divide by the total metrics used, and you have your initial TestWorks Index score. The final score for your Quality Process Architecture can be calculated using the TestWorks Index estimator chart.

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