TestWorks/Advisor for UNIX
BENEFITS Earlier detection of subtle defects.
Critical complexity comparisons.
Mechanical testfile generation.
KEY FEATURES Full metrics capability.
Strong C static analyzer.
Powerful cascade-capable testfile generator.
APPLICATIONS All Software Development.
Critical applications.
Load creation systems.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE Expect +80 if 2/3 of Filters Applied > 25%.
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TestWorks/Advisor improves productivity, resource management, quality and predictability by providing static source code analysis and measurement. Standing alone or as part of the fully integrated TestWorks multi-platform suite of testing tools, the TestWorks/Advisor tools (METRIC and TDGEN) establish and measure quality benchmarks with metrics, analyze source code for anomalies with static analysis, and automatically generate a wide variety of test data.

TestWorks/Advisor performs a more detailed analysis of source code than compilers to detect complex or potentially error-prone code early in development. Seventeen metrics measure a program's data, logic and size complexity to aid in decision making in an objective and quantitative manner. Building on existing tests to create new ones, test data/file generation more fully exercises your application.

METRIC analyzes C, C++, Ada, or FORTRAN source code and calculates the following: Halstead Software Science Metrics to measure data complexity; Cyclomatic Complexity Metrics to assess logic complexity; and basic size metrics, such as number of lines, comments and executable statements. Metrics are reported both in a configurable, tabular form and in easy-to-view graphical Kiviat charts.

TDGEN is a test data generator system which creates additional tests by substituting either random or sequential data values in an existing test script.

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