TestWorks/Regression for UNIX Full-featured capture/playback system.
Test management and programmable image and file differencing.
Plus load creation.
BENEFITS Early Identification of Subtle Changes in Applications.
Capacity for 1000's of Tests.
Load Generation Capability with Xvirtual.
KEY FEATURES Full-featured Capture/Replay System.
Important Ease-of-Use Advantages.
Full-featured Test Execution Controller.
Full-featured Image and ASCII-File Differencer with Masking.
Xvirtual System for Load Generation.
Built-in Pre-Trained OCR Engine.
APPLICATIONS Client-server, GUI-based, non-GUI based testing.
Serial I/O Port Testing.
Load Generation with supplied Xvirtual system.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE 80 Points if >80% PASS ratio attained.
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TestWorks/Regression works as a stand-alone suite of regression tools or as part of the fully integrated TestWorks multi-platform suite of testing tools. TestWorks/Regression provides the most complete solution for automating and managing the execution and verification of tests on both text and GUI-based applications.

The TestWorks/Regression product line increases test speed and accuracy, improving cycle time and quality, while allowing the re-use of tests on each release. TestWorks/Regression is ideal for host and client-server applications as it uses automated load generation from a single workstation for multi-user client-server applications. A C-language interpreter allows all events and actions to be recorded as complete C function procedures and provides extensive language support (excepting only a few C constructs, such as structures and pointers).

TestWorks/Regression includes the following tools, which all operate either independently or within the TestWorks/Regression tool suite:

CAPBAK is a full featured capture/playback system which allows the user to record mouse movements, keyboard activities, widget calls and verification information into a test script language for later use. CAPBAK/X supports automatic synchronization features that handle minor application changes and time-sensitive operations, with Object Mode, TrueTime Mode, and built in OCR.

SMARTS TestWorks' software management maintenance and regression test system, organizes tests into a hierarchical structure. Tests can then be executed according to this structure, and conditionally evaluated by SMARTS using EXDIFF.

EXDIFF is a programmble extended differencing system which compares bitmap image or ASCII value files. Extraneous discrepancies can be masked during the differencing process.

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