TestWorks for Windows
Regression and Coverage Tools
Windows NT/2000/XP Platforms
BENEFITS Regularized, complete test suites.
Faster product development.
Earlier error detection.
Reduced market risk.
Better developer/tester productivity.
KEY FEATURES Capture/replay to/from C-language scripts.
Test suite management.
Branch and CallPair Coverage for C-C++ and Java.
Coverage reporting on source texts.
APPLICATIONS Client-server.
Embedded software.
Multi-user; Multi-Platform.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE Expect 95+ with 5-filter Application.
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Software Research, Inc.'s TestWorks for Windows, an integrated suite of automated testing tools, is the broadest suite of tools available to test applications running under MS/Windows NT/2000/XP. TestWorks for Windows has two main bundles of tools: TestWorks/Regression for Windows and TestWorks/Coverage for Windows.

TestWorks/Regression for Windows is composed of two tool systems which operate independently or as an integrated set: CAPBAK/MSW and SMARTS/MSW. CAPBAK/MSW is a full-featured capture/playback system which supports TrueTime Mode and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) verification for completely automated regression testing. CAPBAK/MSW includes the powerful Automatic Output Synchronization technology to insure that testers' recordings can be made with minimum, totally hands-off, effort and still have maximum playback reliability. CAPBAK/MSW, verifies bitmaps captured during a recording session and automatically compares them with the actual images at playback. With Optical Character Recognition verification, it determines a successful test based on ASCII values extracted from bitmap images disregarding differences in font, type size, and background color. SMARTS/MSW, a powerful sophisticated test management tool, controls user-defined automated C-language test scripts and provides for fully unattended execution of tests. Using the industry's first true relational test-tree method, user-selected tests are run in groups or sub-groups as appropriate.

TestWorks/Coverage for Windows provides measurements to determine how well test cases exercise a program written in C, C++ and Java by identifying where testing is incomplete at the unit, system and integration levels. It uses two measurements to ensure the thoroughness of test cases: logical branch (C1) for unit testing, and function-call (S1) for system and integration tests. Using recursive descent compiler technology, TestWorks/Coverage is easily able to handle all standard constructs and dialects of C, C++ and Java.