TestWorks for UNIX
Regression, Coverage, Advisor Tool Bundles
Most UNIX Platforms
BENEFITS Reduced Error Content.
Earlier Ship Dates.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction.
Reduced Maintenance Costs.
Improved Programmer/Tester Productivity.
Remove Subtlest Defects.
KEY FEATURES Full Regression Testing Functionality.
Complete Halstead, Cyclomatic Complexity Metrics (C, C++, Java, Ada, F77).
Branch, Call-Pair, Verification-Condition Based Test Coverage (C, C++, Java, Ada, F77).
Load Generation Capability.
Standard UNIX Platform Support.
APPLICATIONS Client-Server, Real-Time, Life-Critical, Unit-Test, Integration-Test, System Test, Metrics, Load Generation, Enterprise-Wide Process Support, WWW Page Testing, Validation, Legacy Conversion/Upgrade.
TestWorks INDEX VALUE Expect 95+ Points with 5-Filter Process Based on TestWorks.
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TestWorks/Regression is a complete solution for automating and managing execution and verification of tests on text and GUI-based applications. Capture/Playback has integrated and switchable True-Time and Object-Mode operation. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) verification is available in both playback modes.

CAPBAK/X has Automatic Output Synchronization and Automatic Object Extraction to assure low-overhead, hands-off test recording, while still assuring maximum playback reliability. Fully editable and programmable "C" language scripts make CAPBAK/X adaptable to your testing requirements.

TestWorks/Regression also offers automated load generation from a single workstation for multi-user client-server applications (using Xvirtual), and has a sophisticated test management component, SMARTS, to control test execution and verification.

TestWorks/Coverage tools indicate where testing is incomplete by measuring how well test cases exercise programs written in C, C++, Java, Ada or FORTRAN (F77). Test coverage is reported at branch (C1) and function-call (S1) levels with TCAT C/C++, TCAT/Java and S-TCAT for Ada and F77. Using recursive descent compiler technology, TestWorks/Coverage handles all standard constructs and dialects of C and C++, Java source code. Standard Ada and F77 are also fully supported.

TCAT provides color annotatable graphical displays of complex call trees and individual program digraphs, with source viewing to source-line level. User-defined annotation functions are available.

TestWorks/Advisor improves productivity, resource management, quality and predictability by providing complexity measurement with METRIC. Seventeen software metrics measure a program's data, logic and size complexity more thoroughly than a compiler, aiding in objective, quantitative testing resource management. Building on your existing tests to create new ones,

TDGEN's test data/file generation more fully tests your application. Tests are expanded from templates and user-supplied enumeration-type value tables, using either sequential or random mode value selection